The piano cover

We were doing a bit of spring cleaning yesterday (well, I guess it’s spring in the southern hemisphere) and I bundled up the piano cover to wash. That simple action reminded me about the cover’s history.

When we got the piano, we knew that its black finish would quickly show dust, so my dad decided to take on the project, making a template and buying some padded material and piping. He wasn’t confident enough to sew it together, so he got help from Mrs. Strahan, a fellow Boy Scout parent.

When the cover was completed, we went over to the Strahans’ home to pick it up. We were very pleased with the results, but Mrs. Strahan said she wanted to show my dad something. She said that of all the piping my dad bought, the 3” length she was holding was all that was left. She was both impressed and glad she didn’t run out!

The piano cover gets lots of use, and several times a month I look at the piping and think of Mrs. Strahan.

Piano cover in use

Piano cover in use