Project 366, June 2016

The year is about half over, but I still ended up with quite a few flowers in the June pictures. Trees are making more of an appearance (especially the birches which we had cut down).

My favorite photo for the month of June is White, blue, and red.

It took me a while to realize that these Adirondack chairs are rockers. The colors go welltogether, and the placement against the side of the house balances the frame really well.

Another photo I like is Poppy.

The texture of the background caused it to become pretty busy when out of focus, but I think it it could be a worse distraction than it is. Most of the poppies around here have smaller seed heads, but every now and then I see these larger ones which have great shape and texture.

I also like Locust.

The color of this neighbor's tree is very striking, especially when the sky isn't overcast.

All of the pictures of the month can be found on the June page.