Reflecting on Project 366

It's been a couple weeks since I finished my 2016 Project 366. That's a long stretch of daily photos, especially since all of them were taken with my main camera (meaning I carried it around daily).

The last time I did a Project 365 I took quite a few photos with my phone, even though my main camera at the time wasn't that much larger than the phone (mostly in thickness). Fortunately, cameras are so much lighter than when I first started photography in the late 1960s; my current camera and lens weigh less than just the body of my older cameras.

When I’m planning on taking pictures, I usually take a bag with one or two extra lenses and other accessories. For daily use, I stuck to one lens, the full-frame equivalent to 24-70mm. While there were times I knew I wanted either my ultra-wide or my telephoto and I would switch to that lens for the day, I found that I was fine with just one lens. It’s sort of like when you walk around with a prime lens you’re forced to make that focal length work, the same was true for the one zoom. I did end up cropping several photos because I couldn’t get close enough, though.

I've already talked about my favorite photos, but in addition to what got posted each day, I collected ones I also liked onto a deep cuts page.

As the new year rang in, it's understandable that I'm taking fewer photos. In fact, it's mostly been a few posts on Instagram, but I've yet to use my main camera. I don't feel like I burned out. Rather, I've gone back to my usage pattern from before I started the daily photos.

So what's next? I wanted to do something, but without producing something every day. I ended up deciding to write a weekly haiku. It's on my twitter feed, tagged #haikuesday. Not hard to guess what day of the week I'm posting. I'm not sure how long I'll do it, and I'm not committing to every week, so if I can't some up with three lines on a particular Tuesday, I'll wait until the next.