Birthday Tarantella

Once again it's my mom's birthday, so it was time to figure out a piece I thought I'd be able to record. This year it's MacDowell's Alla Tarantella (Op. 39, No. 2).

This pice is one I played in high school, but didn't pick it back up until earlier this year, so it's still pretty rough (I feel I say that every year). It's also a piece where you can't tell as much how out of tune the upper half of the piano is; it was tuned a coupe months ago, but for the first time it changed very quickly, within a few weeks.

One of these days I'll probably try to figure out a better way to record than putting my phone on the piano. If you use headphones, you can hear the bench creak when I sit down before and get up after the piece. Let's call it atmosphere.

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