Snapshot: Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

It seems that almost every time we're eating a meal somewhere near Hot Cakes we end up getting dessert there. Since there are a lot of good eateries in both Ballard and Capitol Hill, that means we have several opportunities to go there. Good thing, since we don't tire of either their standard fare or their seasonal selections.

The name Hot Cakes comes from founder Autumn Martin's original product, a Molten Chocolate Cake sold in a Mason jar, which she started selling while she was Head Chocolatier at Theo Chocolate. They sold so well that it became her business, and a successful Kickstarter campaign helped her to open her first shop in Ballard.

The Ballard shop was so successful that a second, larger shop opened in Capitol Hill. They each have their own character, and you get the same great desserts at either place.

The signature dessert, the Dark Decadence Molten Chocolate Cake, is very rich, and the scoop of ice cream you get on the side helps even things out. There's usually a seasonal bread pudding or cobbler, or you can get cookies, shakes (regular or boozy), or even crème brûlée.

Milk and honey, peach pie molten chocolate cakes.

Cinnamon, rhubarb bread puddings.

Apple, blackberry cobblers (cardamom pudding with cherry jam in the background).

Crème brûlée, chocolate stout sundae.

Ballard store


Capitol Hill store