Photo - First snow of the season

Snow on front walkway

Snow on front walkway

We don't get snow too often in Seattle, but it looks really pretty when we do. I suppose that's true almost anywhere, but it doesn't reduce our appreciation for the white stuff. It's not unusual for us to accumulate a few inches once or twice a year, but some years we don't get any and others we get a lot. We'll see how this year pans out - we apparently missed getting snow a couple days ago because of a low pressure system which ended up going to the north instead of through Seattle.

This shot was near our front porch. I liked how the flagstone path stayed just warm enough to make the snow look mottled. The lawn is on the far left; just yesterday I was looking out there thinking it almost looked high enough to mow. Guess that won't be happening today.

You can see some of the stuff we've been doing with landscaping, too. Lavenders are to the right. The twigs in the center are red- and yellow-twig dogwoods, and a Japanese maple in the back. To the left of those is an osmanthus.

Buried in the snow on either side of the path to the street is blue star creeper. We planted little plugs late last fall and now each one is at least 8-10" in diameter. The path to the right (going to our driveway) has a border of creeping thyme, which also has grown quite a bit in the year since they went in.

Update: Kellen asked for a larger version, so I uploaded one that can be used as a background image.