Ichiro's hitting streak

Mariners fans are used to Ichiro Suzuki getting hits, and it seems he does so every game. Of course he doesn't, but one doesn't get 200 hits every season without putting together some impressive streaks. Ichiro just ended a 27 game hitting streak last night, the second-longest streak in the Major leagues this season.

Some interesting facts from an MLB.com article:

  • When his latest streak was at 25 games, he had gotten a hit during his first at-bat almost half the time.
  • Ichiro holds five of the eight longest hitting streaks in Mariners history.
  • He has seven streaks of 20 or more games, tying him for second in Major League history. Willie Keeper, Ty Cobb, and Pete Rose had eight each.

While the article about the current streak ending got it correct, the second article mistakingly stated that Ichiro's 2007 streak ended when he didn't get a hit against the Rangers on 1-June-2007. Kellen, Tynor, and I were at that game and Ichiro definitely got a hit that game, and the milestone was noted and appreciated greatly by the fans (he passed Joey Cora's previous Mariners record of 24 games).

Ichiro getting a hit, 1-June-2007

Ichiro getting a hit, 1-June-2007

I was lucky enough to grab a photo of Ichiro getting the hit that stretched his streak to 25 games. Too bad the ball was already out of the image.