Project 365 - Weeks 0 and 1 complete

All of our Project 365 pictures for the first partial week and the first full week are posted. We're still working out a good way for Tynor to send his pictures to me, which is why there aren't any week 2 photos for him yet.

For me, the project has been fun so far. There have only been a couple times when I had forgotten my camera, but fortunately I was able to use the camera on my phone.

At first I didn't have a good feel for whether I'd have more days when I'd be scrambling for something to photograph, or days where there would be several things and I'd need to pick. What I've ended up doing is keeping a list of ideas I haven't used yet in case I happen to feel I need inspiration. I've been picking up two or three extra ideas every day, so hopefully at some point that will slow down. Otherwise I'd need to do this for a few more years!

One nice thing about this project is it gets me out of the office either during lunchtime or in the afternoon. If I have an idea of what I want to photograph, I'll head that direction and if something else shows up along the way, I'll either take that picture or make a note. Of course, when I say "take that picture" it usually means several from different angles, etc. and then I'm left to pick out the one that works the best that night.