Spokane Carrousel

Carrousel t-shirt

Carrousel t-shirt

Yet another anniversary today, as the Looff Carrousel at Spokane's Riverfront Park turns 100. We happen to be in Spokane for this weekend, but this is probably the first time we haven't made it to Riverfront at some point. However, it sounds as if Melody's relatives made it there earlier in the week and got t-shirts.

The carrousel's site was originally part of the Natatorium Park, which closed its doors in 1967. However, the carrousel has remained and is still in daily operation. All of the original figures are still on the ride.

The original pipe organ is also in the building, but isn't used as often since the paper rolls are very delicate.

Melody and I have both ridden on the carrousel, and her cousins don't miss a chance to do so when they're in town. Rides today were $1, and they had someone there who was born on the day the carrousel opened, so she's celebrating her 100th birthday, also.