Hot weather

Melody and I expected hot weather in Spokane and Newport a couple weekends ago, knowing that even though Seattle was hot, it would be worse on the other side of the Cascades. While we had a respite when we got back (and even a little rain), the temperature is back up.

Thermometer in U District

Thermometer in U District

Today it got to 92°F at the house but a sign near work said 95°F as I was heading home. If that's not enough, there's a severe heat advisory through late Thursday afternoon, and we may break 100°F in the next couple days. Melody and I have worked out some ways of coping when the weather is really hot, down to which windows get open at what time. We'll hang out in the basement for a place to cool down (at 10pm it's still over 80°F on the first floor, but only 70°F in the basement), and usually the 2nd floor will be comfortable enough by the time we're ready to turn in for the night.

For a while after we had the house painted Tynor's room didn't have screens, so we didn't keep the windows open during night because of the insects. He and I reattached the screens, and even though we needed to use a different method of attaching them, it was pretty quick. He was so happy we did that, since his room tends to get pretty hot in the afternoon. Kellen's room gets hot in the morning (it faces directly east) but seems to cool off OK at night.

Yesterday it was warm enough that Melody and I thought we'd head over to the Meadowbrook Farmers Market to get some gelato. It started getting hotter before we were going to head out, so we tried to decide how bummed we'd be if the gelato cart wasn't there. We figured we could always grab something for dinner anyway, and that it'd be a nice walk. On the way over it actually didn't feel very hot, mostly because we were able to stick to the shade. Once we got to the market, however, it started warming up and the breeze died down. Alas, no gelato cart, but we did pick up some cheese to have with dinner and a couple cookies for a snack. The cheese had softened quite a bit by the time we got home, but popping it into the fridge helped firm it back up.