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Seattle's art benefactor (1-Dec, 336/366)

We went to an interview that Marcie Sillman of KUOW did with Virginia Wright, the strongest force in Seattle's art and sculpture scene. She's donated a lot of pieces all over, including a large set to the Seattle Art Museum.

Wet bench (2-Dec, 337/366)

Even though this bench looks like it has two halves, the forced perspective masks the fact that the gap is not in the middle.

Crabapple (3-Dec, 338/366)

I pass by this tree when I walk to the nearby grocery store. Some of the fruit looks like mini apples like this, some have over-ripened.

Union Bay Natural Area (4-Dec, 339/366)

Nestled between the UW athletic area (with Husky Stadium, Husky Field, etc.) and the Center for Urban Horticulture is a natural area which always feels like it's under continuous restoration.

Strung lights (5-Dec, 340/366)

Holiday lights going up means lots of good opportunities for night shots with lots of color.

Seattle Great Wheel (6-Dec, 341/366)

The Seattle Great Wheel has only been open for four years, but it already seems like a fixture on the waterfront. It's especially striking at night.

Icy road (7-Dec, 342/366)

We had our first hard freeze of the season last night, and even the streets were mostly bare and dry, there were several puddles which iced over.

Ice cap (8-Dec, 343/366)

When the temperature goes below freezing, you often see odd things in ice, such as this bottle cap.

Snow and moss (9-Dec, 344/366)

We got our first real snow overnight, but it already started to melt by the morning. This remnant was on part of the sculpture on campus, Interrupted Journey by Jon Gierlich.

Deck mushrooms (10-Dec, 345/366)

Looks like we got enough soil packed into the cracks of our decking that mushrooms started growing.

Candied orange peel (11-Dec, 346/366)

We needed candied orange peel for a recipe, but had no luck finding it in the store. We ended up making it.

Everyday ride (12-Dec, 347/366)

I've seen this Lamborghini a few times near the Foster School of Business at UW. Turns heads every time it pulls up.

Changing lanes (13-Dec, 348/366)

Traffic during the commute hours is always busy on I-5 through the University District. This exposure is 10 seconds, which gives you an idea of how much slower the northbound mainline on the right is than either the Express lanes in the middle or southbound on the left.

Candy Cane Lane (14-Dec, 349/366)

This set of houses is (sort of) on my way home, and since Melody was walking with me, we dropped by to take in the sights. The lights are essentially the same each year but it's still fun to look at.

Star of Macy's (15-Dec, 350/366)

This holiday decoration can be seen several blocks away. It's right on the corner of the building, so you get good views of it in several directions, especially from the carousel diagonally across the street.

Shipscaler's mural (16-Dec, 351/366)

This mural by Pablo O'Higgins was commissioned by the Shipscalers Union and was in their Seattle Union Hall until the building was razed a decade later in 1955. It sat in storage at UW until it was installed in Kane Hall in 1977. I like that you can see how it fit into its original location.

Shepherd (17-Dec, 352/366)

This shepherd comes from a Nativity which my parents got when I was really young. It's actually one of the few holiday decorations we put out.

Frog fountain (18-Dec, 353/366)

One of the fountains at University Village is a set of frogs which spray water towards each other. In the summer, I've seen it mostly off but the different streams would randomly turn on, much to the amusement of kids.

Wrapping paper (19-Dec, 354/366)

Paper stores are a great source of unique wrapping papers. There are a few in University Village.

Pampas grass (20-Dec, 355/366)

Pampas grass must be pretty popular, since I see it all over the city. It does get very tall and seems to be good at spreading, but doesn't do so too quickly.

Hanging ornament (21-Dec, 356/366)

Northgate Mall has huge ornaments hanging from the ceiling. They're mostly different from each other, both in style and color.

Bikeless racks (22-Dec, 357/366)

Since it's winter break, campus is pretty quiet this week. Normally there would be bikes all over these racks.

UW, Lake Washington (23-Dec, 358/366)

The view from the UW Tower is quite good. Looking southeast you can see most of campus, including the construction for the new Burke Museum. Lake Washington is in the distance, with SR520 going across.

Steel cut oats (24-Dec, 359/366)

We usually have oatmeal on Saturdays, and a while ago switched over to steel cut oats. They take a while to soften, so we soak them overnight so they don't take as long to cook in the morning.

Churning (25-Dec, 360/366)

I made some vanilla ice cream to have with dessert. I've always liked how it swirls around as it's churning, with the shape changing as the ice cream gets more frozen.

Jellybean snake (26-Dec, 361/366)

The Seattle Sheraton displays large gingerbread houses every year, and this time the theme was Harry Potter. Unfortunately, the lines were much longer than we had seen before, so all we had time to do was to look around people who were right next to the pieces.

Building a float (27-Dec, 362/366)

I swing by the Downey Rose Float Association barn each year to check out their entry to the Tournament of Roses Parade, built by volunteers. This year their float will feature a working roller coaster. They also did that a few years ago, so it makes sense to reuse the mechanism.

Cooling mochi (28-Dec, 363/366)

Every year my family gathers to make mochi, usually starting with about 120 pounds of rice. Since the rice is so hot, it takes a while for the mochi to cool off enough that it can be put into bags.

City Hall reflected (29-Dec, 364/366)

We went walking around downtown Los Angeles today, but took a break from architecture to walk over towards Little Tokyo to go to the Japanese American National Museum. On the way, we passed by City Hall reflected against the Los Angeles Police Department building.

Wing and Mt. Rainier (30-Dec, 365/366)

This was our last plane trip for the year. We usually can see Mt. Rainier if we're on the correct side of the plane, but today's view was especially good.

Beef short ribs (31-Dec, 366/366)

One of the things we're serving for New Year's is beef short ribs. They got braised today, and will get finished tomorrow.