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Fremont troll (1-May, 122/366)

The Fremont troll lives under I-5 in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. It's pretty popular, and when you get closer you can see that it's grasping a VW Beetle.

Preparing for construction (2-May, 123/366)

The Burke Museum is in the building on the left, but there will be a new building which will cover the parking and trees on the right of the photo. Today is the first day the lot is closed.

Study central (3-May, 124/366)

Melody used to work in Mary Gates Hall, which was created when new wings were added to the old Physics building. The exterior of the original building on the right.

Raphael, Rembrandt, Holbein, Saint-Gaudens (4-May, 125/366)

The Henry Art Gallery has various artists' names along the outside of the building. Raphael is on the left, while Rembrand, Holbein, and Saint-Gaudens are on the right. On the far side of the entry is Michelangelo, and just out of the frame to the right of him are Velásquez and Millet.

Native iris (5-May, 126/366)

The harlequin blueflag is an iris which does really well in this area. The iris we have in our yard is a little lighter in color.

Footbridge (6-May, 127/366)

In addition to the heavily-used footbridge used by pedestrians and bikes, Ravenna Park has a couple which are deeper in the park.

Mixed berries (7-May, 128/366)

In one part of our yard we have blueberry shrubs and strawberry ground cover, so we get fruit from both. We also have raspberries, which are just out of the frame.

Entering Northgate (8-May, 129/366)

Northgate Mall is one of the first malls built after World War II, and has many Northwest adornments, such as this entrance. Another entrance has a totem near it.

Leaf on leaf (9-May, 130/366)

On the way home the sun was at the right angle to cast shadows on these horse chestnut leaves.

Spiral ramp (10-May, 131/366)

There's a car dealership near work with this spiral ramp so they can park extra cars on the building's roof. When it was being constructed, all you could see were the concrete curves, so it was interesting to see it take shape.

Whirligig (11-May, 132/366)

A child care center not far from our house has this rather large whirligig, and there was enough of a breeze today to get it spinning pretty well.

Bank building (12-May, 133/366)

The building next to us at work is very ornate. It's changed names a few times due to takeovers, and is currently a Wells Fargo.

Dogwood (13-May, 134/366)

Dogwood trees are blossoming all around, both the cream and pink varieties. We used to have a pink one in our yard, but it wasn't too happy, so we ended up taking it out.

Sailboats (14-May, 135/366)

Tynor and I walked along Alki Beach and saw these colorful sailboats on the water. The day was overcast and at times a bit drizzly, but it was still a good day out.

Blue star creeper (15-May, 136/366)

One ground cover plant we use in our front yard is blue star creeper. We started with probably a couple small 6-packs, split them into smaller pieces, and it didn't take long for the plants to take hold and all but take over that part of the yard.

Save the trees (16-May, 137/366)

There are several construction projects around the city, and this one is trying to be very careful with the trees.

Skybridge (17-May, 138/366)

This is the skybridge between the King County Superior Court and the King County Administration Building. There's another one from the Administration Building to the King County Correctional Facility. The skybridges are used between the Superior Court and the Correctional Facility, so as far as I know, there's no way to get to the Administration Building from them.

Under the bridge (18-May, 139/366)

Ravenna park is a ravine which runs east/west. My normal route home goes on the 20th Ave NE pedestrian bridge over the park, and this is the 15th Ave NE bridge which also carries traffic.

Avens (19-May, 140/366)

These flowers have started popping up around campus, and I find the color very interesting. The blossoms are in various stages, from budding to spent.

Allium (20-May, 141/366)

There are a few allium plants on my way home which have been opening up over the past couple weeks. They've opened quite a bit from a week or so ago.

Meet the Producer (21-May, 142/366)

The Public Market Center sign is probably the most well-known sign in Seattle, but it's part of a trio of signs at the end of Pike Street.

Chophouse Row (22-May, 143/366)

Chophouse Row is a small alley in Capitol Hill with several shops, and I like how they've made it feel both indoors and outdoors. Today was the Seattle Ice Cream Festival, both in and in front of Chophouse Row, and it was pretty packed, more than is apparent in this shot.

The Wilsonian (23-May, 144/366)

There are a few apartment complexes like this around the University District, with a 5–6 story building of apartments around an entrance courtyard.

St. John's Wort (24-May, 145/366)

It's the time of year for these yellow blossoms. I particularly like the flecks of red on the anthers.

Bunny (25-May, 146/366)

I was walking over to Ballard tonight and happened upon a City Light substation which had a sculpture garden in front, There were several animal pieces such as this, and even some benches with similar sculptures holding up the seat.

ΑΣΦ (26-May, 147/366)

Greek Row has some really interesting architecture, including this building of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.

Changing weather (27-May, 148/366)

We had a bit of rain last night, and it's supposed to start again tonight, but during the day we had a bit of sun.

Volunteer Japanese maple (28-May, 149/366)

We get several Japanese maple saplings from our trees, but this year there seem to be many more than usual. Since there are several varieties, there's a lot of cross-breeding, so many of them look different from each other.

Stumps (29-May, 150/366)

Every now and then we get a truckload of wood chips to use as mulch in the yard. For the last batch, we decided to accept big sections since that way we could get chips quite bit faster. We just leave them around as decorative touches.

Folklife (30-May, 151/366)

Memorial Day weekend marks Folklife in Seattle. There are usually a lot of people milling around, and this year was no exception. The weather was nice enough for kids to jump around in the International Fountain.

Kiwi (31-May, 152/366)

Whole Foods always has well-displayed produce, such as these kiwis. My dad has kiwi vines, so he often has a lot to give away, but they're pretty high up, so it's getting harder for him to harvest them.