When my dad turned 80 in 2006 my mom decided to throw him a surprise birthday party. Several people celebrated with us and my dad was truly surprised! The dinner was held at Sambi's Restaurant in Downey.

Preparing fruit tray

Before Sumi arrived, several people helped out to prepare the room. Here, one of the caterers is preparing a fruit tray.

Entering room

Sumi as he first entered the room. He almost had to be pushed in! Photo courtesy Mark Rabinowich.

Visiting guests

Sumi always likes to wander around and visit with people during parties.

Kiyo speaking

Kiyo was one of several people who spoke.

Sumi with cake

Sumi and his cake.

Sumi with his sisters

Every gathering is an opportunity to take family photos. This is Sumi and his sisters.

First cousins

Fujimoto cousins. There are 17 of us, so it's hard to get everyone in the same place, let alone more than half of us.