We get over to Spokane at least annually to visit Melody's family. We're often lucky enough to coordinate our visit with other family (her brother from Snohomish or her Aunt and cousins from Paris, IL).

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is the most popular attraction in Spokane, and we go there every trip. The Spokane River runs through the park and turns into Spokane Falls on the west side.

Spokane Falls

The first picture (from 7/2004) shows the falls when they're on the low side. The next two pictures (from 5/2008) were when the river was flooding.

Manito Park

Not far from Rockwood Manor (where we usually stay, since that's where Melody's grandma and uncle live) is Manito Park, which is extremely diverse. When the lilacs are in bloom we make sure to go to the Lilac Garden, and it's always interesting to see the exotic plants they have in the Conservatory.

Nishinomiya Japanese Garden

I always find Japanese gardens to be relaxing. We were wandering all through Manito Park, but slowed down when we got here.