Mad Campus

During October, there was an art installation at the University of Washington called Mad Campus. It involved a dozen works scattered throughout the campus.

The map shows my path starting at the northwest, ending at the red pin at the southeast. You can see my path back to the beginning (near my office) as the relatively straight path.

The Seattle Sketcher also did drawings of some of the pieces.

The pieces were quite well marked (other than the second piece, where the number "2" placard was missing). There was a nice variety of media, and the installations fit well with their sites.

I walked past several of the pieces repeatedly throughout the month, since one of the busses I can take to work drops me off where I can walk past #6, then #2, then #1. It was interesting to watch people trying to figure out what was going on.

After I did the full Mad Campus walk, we had a big wind storm (bad enough that we lost power for a few hours). I was curious if there would be wind damage to any of the pieces, and #7 did. I grabbed a quick photo of the mylar hanging down.

Sentinel, Kevin McCarthy

Relics of Experience, Evan Blackwell

Lone Stranger (Inflated), Piper O'Neill

Lux Sit, Julia Chamberlain

Global Bloblem, Paul Komada

By Degrees, Perri Howard

Untitled, Alyson Piskorowski

The Legend of Jerry Roundtree, Seth Friedman

Wave Sine, W. Scott Trimble

Hortus Curiosus, Saya Moriyasu & Maki Tamura

Six Swans, Tory Franklin

Burnt into Time, Brian Widmaier