Il Corvo

One of my favorite lunch spots in Seattle is Il Corvo, a pasta restaurant in Pioneer Square at the south end of Downtown. The menu changes daily, but while I usually check what's available for the day, I always go anyway, since there's always something I want to try.

The restaurant started out sharing space with the now-closed Procopio Gelateria near the Pike Place Market (Mike Siegel took some photos of it for Nancy Leson's blog post), but I started going after they moved south.

You need to get there pretty early (11:30/11:40) if you don’t want to wait in a long line, but it does move at a good clip. People eat pretty quickly, so there’s rarely a problem getting a place to sit. The decor is fun, including a shelf with hand-operated pasta machines.

If you get to the restaurant and the line is too long, you can always try Hole in the Wall BBQ right next door, but the line there starts a bit before noon; I’ve walked by with both places having lines out the door.

Baked manicotti  tricolore (basil pasta, ricotta parmasean filling, pomodoro sauce).

Pappardelle, alla Bolognese

Tagliatelle verde with leek cream sauce; baked pasticcio with squash and rutabega béechamel, pomodoro sauce.

The restaurant isn't huge; the granite table at the lower right is about 8–10' long, and is next to the front window.

Manual pasta machines.