Project 366, April 2016

Another month is ending, so it's time to look back at this month's photos.

There are several flowers blooming this time of year, so it's no surprise that the majority of the picks for April include flowers. We also had a lot of really good weather, so I was able to get a few architecture shots.

I also did a lot of up-close photography this time. I brought out the close-up filters for a few shots, but for the most part I was able to get close enough for an interesting composition.

My favorite shot of this month was taken when I was walking through campus after getting off the bus. I looked around and noticed there were several varieties of maple leafing out, as well as blue skies with puffy white clouds.

We have parsley in one of our porch planters, and every now and then we let it go to seed. Right now one of the plants is a few feet tall (on top of being in a planter) so it looks pretty impressive. I liked the way the raindrops were hanging from the blossoms.

We took a weekend road trip with Melody's sister to Spokane to visit their family. On the way over were a lot of big, puffy clouds, so since Melody was driving, I took the opportunity to grab a picture.

These and the rest of this month's photos are on the April page.