Project 366, July 2016

July was a busy month, and there were several opportunities for photos. Here are my favorites for the month; the rest are on the July page.

My favorite photo for this month is Skylight.

I end up walking by the food court at Northgate Mall pretty often, and kept eyeing the skylight in the middle. One day I walked under it, and liked the shadows I saw. I also like this photo because of the mix of curves and straight lines.

I also like Ripening grapes.

The color, shape, and texture drew me to these grapes. I lucked out with the light (specular highlights in the background, shade on the main subject) which caused the background to echo the shape of the grapes themselves.

The last photo of July I was especially drawn to was Tree of Life.

This sculpture is in the Pike Place Market area, and when I first saw it, I tried to take a photo from the street side, which gives you a symmetric view of the sculpture. Ends up if you want a photo of it head-on like that, you need to have a totem sticking above it somewhere in the middle; I tried centered, coming out of one of the two pieces, but the composition didn't really strike me (not to mention the lighting was wrong). When I went directly under the sculpture and started walking around, I saw views such as this.

All of the photos for this month are on the July page, and other months can be found on the main Project 366 page.