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Pollinating sweet peas (1-Jul, 183/366)

I took a different route home today and saw this brightly-colored sweet peas which had birds buzzing all around.

Shasta daisies (2-Jul, 184/366)

We planted a few Shasta daisies in our yard several years ago, and now they're doing so well that they spread both out and up. We pull them back every year, and they get a few feet tall.

Blueberries (3-Jul, 185/366)

Our blueberry shrubs are starting to give us ripe fruit. Since it's early, we're still getting a few at a time, but later on, there will be more per day (at least what the birds don't get).

Looking closely (4-Jul, 186/366)

The Seattle Art Museum has an exhibit of block prints and etchings, so we headed down to take a look. One work which took up several rooms was R. Crumb's illustrated version of The Book of Genesis. Because of the fine detail all throughout the exhibit, magnifying glasses were made available, so Melody sought one out and used it as we wandered through. There was also an audio tour describing select works, so we listened to that, too.

Tustan (5-Jul, 187/366)

I like how these plants have a lot of different textures for the different stages of the blossoms.

Sundial (6-Jul, 188/366)

There are several sundials around the city, including this one in Cowen Park. It was just before 5pm when I took this photo, and since it's Daylight Saving Time, you'd expect it to read 4pm. I would have thought the shadow would be in the middle of the “4”.

Condensation (7-Jul, 189/366)

We were at Bakery Nouveau early enough that there were still plenty of fresh sandwiches in the case causing a lot of condensation on the glass.

Wings (8-Jul, 190/366)

Guggenheim Hall on campus has a deep entryway which leads to stairs, and at the top is this carved sculpture which is a winged bird sitting on top of a larger set of wings.

Pies (9-Jul, 191/366)

There are a few places where you can get pot pies in Seattle, Fremont's Pie being one of them. They also have dessert pies, including these strawberry rhubarb ones.

Purple coneflower (10-Jul, 192/366)

We have a batch of purple coneflowers which has been very reliable for several years. The bees really like them, too.

Fireweed (11-Jul, 193/366)

The summer flowers are out, including this batch of fireweed near Roosevelt High.

Soaring in the clouds (12-Jul, 194/366)

As I was walking down the NE 45th Street viaduct today I saw the clouds were particularly striking. As I was taking pictures, I noticed a bird flying around, and managed to get a shot with it in the frame.

Stickered bench (13-Jul, 195/366)

There are benches here and there on The Ave, and this one is very plain wood but completely covered with stickers.

Salsa and carrot (14-Jul, 196/366)

For lunch, Agua Verde has you order from the counter, then you find a table. The different vegetables are how they find you. Waiting for lunch is a good time to get salsa, including the one I usually get, chipotle.

Kiss (15-Jul, 197/366)

The reception area of the Group Health radiological oncology department has an aquarium, and among other fish is this one, which I believe is a Stars and Stripes puffer.

Calendula (16-Jul, 198/366)

We have some calendula in the yard, including this bunch in a planter box. Their colors and patterns always add to the porch.

Japanese maple (17-Jul, 199/366)

When we moved into the house, there was a well-established Japanese maple with reddish-brown leaves, and a smaller one with similar leaves. The smaller one was in a very tight spot, so didn't really have room to grow, so we moved it closer to the street where it's now doing really well. We wanted a third Japanese maple that was different, so we went to the opposite side of the spectrum with a green, lacy, weeping tree. It's about a foot tall now, so will be a while before it's very sizable.

Butterfly bush (18-Jul, 200/366)

The butterfly bushes look a lot like lilacs, it's a second viewing of similar flowers.

Colored pencils (19-Jul, 201/366)

Like other art stores, the University Bookstore has a wide variety of colored pencils. When I looked at this display, a lot of the pencils were in the wrong bins. I did re-sort them before taking the shot.

Skylight (20-Jul, 202/366)

The food court at Northgate Mall has a large skylight in the middle which has a design reminiscent of a compass. The patterns in the glass make interesting shadows throughout the day.

Rosa rugosa (21-Jul, 203/366)

We planted a couple rosa rugosa plants in our front yard several years ago and haven't needed to do anything for them. They give off quite the scent when in bloom, and leave very pretty hips when the blossoms are done.

Mosaic (22-Jul, 204/366)

There a pillars at the Seattle Tacoma airport which are covered in tiles. They have different designs; I like this small section with its colors and shapes.

Queen Mary (23-Jul, 205/366)

The Queen Mary has been a landmark in Long Beach, CA for decades. Melody and I spent the night on it one year; it gives you a little bit of the feeling of how people went across the ocean long ago.

Travelers against the sky (24-Jul, 206/366)

Terminal 6 at the Los Angeles Airport has skylights which are angled so that you can see the reflections of people walking underneath. The interesting shadows are a bonus.

Hose tower (25-Jul, 207/366)

The fire station near work has artwork along one side of its hose tower. There's another just below the edge of the photo.

Shelter waves (26-Jul, 208/366)

The bus shelters in Seattle have a wave-like pattern printed on the windows. This is the stop I use on the way to work, which is near a daylighted portion of Thornton Creek.

Colored Vases (27-Jul, 209/366)

We went to the Seattle Asian Art Museum today to check out the tapestry exhibit, and on the other side of the museum was this piece by Ai Weiwei. The simplicity of both the piece and installation, as well as the bold colors, quickly drew my eye.

Blackberries ripening (28-Jul, 210/366)

It's been blackberry season for a while around here, but we still have a ways to go. There are several berries which are part-rid/part-black, even some where one drupelet (the parts of the fruit with the juice) is red and the rest of the fruit is purple.

Ripening grapes (29-Jul, 211/366)

One house I walk past daily has a trellis with grapes. It'll be a while before they're ripe, but they still add nice color and texture to that yard.

Tree of Life (30-Jul, 212/366)

This sculpture by Clark Wiegman, Karen Kiest, and Kim Lokan is in the Victor Steinbrueck Park at Pike Place Market. When you look at it head on, it almost looks like a whale's tail, but at other angles, it looks completely abstract.

Hazelnut crop (31-Jul, 213/366)

We planted a row of hazelnut shrubs several years ago, partly for screening, partly for the nuts. This was the first year we had actual nuts, but the birds got to them before we did. I found these on the porch, so it seems either they couldn't get these particular ones open (hard to imagine, since I saw several shells lying around) or they were scared away by neighborhood cats and hadn't gotten back to them when I went by.