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UW Police station (1-Aug, 214/366)

The UW Police are moving to a new building later this week, and it looks quite nice. Instead of being on the waterfront, they're now on 15th, just across the street from the main campus.

Skywalk (2-Aug, 215/366)

This skywalk goes between the UW Tower and the parking garage across the street. I lucked out with the clouds.

Light rail tile (3-Aug, 216/366)

The light rail station by Husky Stadium has tile along the upper level with color that reflects the UW purple and gold colors.

Double mountain (4-Aug, 217/366)

Seafair weekend is coming up, during which the Blue Angels put on an air show. Today is their practice day, so I went to the top floor of the UW Tower to see if I could grab some photos, even though the glass really cuts down on contrast.

Malibu (5-Aug, 218/366)

Every now and then I like to try taking photos from an airplane. It's difficult because the window really reduces contrast, and it's hard to get a good shot without parts of the airplane showing (unless that's what you're trying to do). This is of Malibu. You can see the canyon going off to the top of the shot, and the Getty Villa is at the lower right.

Flowerfence (6-Aug, 219/366)

As I was walking around my parents' neighborhood I ran across these flowers which I don't recall having seen before. They're flowerfence (Caesalpinia Pulcherrima). I liked how they looked against the palm tree.

Northeast Seattle (7-Aug, 220/366)

Another flight home, another attempt at aerial photos. This is Northeast Seattle, and our house is almost exactly in the middle of the photo. You can also see Green Lake in the lower right.

Music arches (8-Aug, 221/366)

I walk by the Music building after getting off the bus, and have always liked the texture in the arches.

Sonic Boom (9-Aug, 222/366)

I was in Ballard today to get my camera's sensor cleaned. On the way to the bus to return, I saw the Sonic Boom sign, and liked the design. Makes me think that since Fremont has a pretty large rocket sculpture, Ballard needed some sort of rocket, too.

Fountain of Reflection (10-Aug, 223/366)

This fountain is in the courtyard of Mackenzie Hall on the UW campus. It wasn't running, so I took advantage of that to try to get an angle on the sculpture that I hadn't seen; most photos are from eye level.

Wake (11-Aug, 224/366)

This piece by Richard Serra is one of the most recognizable pieces at the Olympic Sculpture Park. You can walk among the piece and see the oxidation up close.

George (12-Aug, 225/366)

The statue of George Washington by Lorado Taft is probably the most well-known statue on campus (another candidate would be Broken Obelisk on Red Square).

Broccoli (13-Aug, 226/366)

We got quite a bit of broccoli this year, but since some of it got a bunch of aphids, we decided to let it blossom.

Black-eyed susan (14-Aug, 227/366)

Saw this small spider on one of our black-eyed susans, waiting for a meal.

Hidden nest (15-Aug, 228/366)

While I was pruning back one of our rock roses over the weekend, I came upon this nest, situated way down in the shrub.

Lobby lights (16-Aug, 229/366)

The UW Tower has these lights in one of the connecting hallways between the tower itself and the O building. The lower level of lights on the underside of the mezzanine.

Skulls (17-Aug, 230/366)

The display in the Burke Museum lobby has items ranging from baskets and a samurai mask to these skulls, which are of a sea lion, a polar bear, and a lion.

Sunstar (18-Aug, 231/366)

I like having sunstars in my photos, but mostly avoided them for quite a while because my sensor wasn't very clean (and there were a couple spots which remained after the last time I had it cleaned). However, I got another cleaning last week and they claimed to get all the spots. I wanted to try it out, and it looked pretty good. I didn't stop all the way down for this particular photo, and I actually had some loose dust on the sensor (which I've since gotten mostly off), but it's definitely a lot better than before.

Yarrow (19-Aug, 232/366)

We used to have a yarrow plant in our back yard, but last summer it was really hot while we were on vacation for a few weeks, and it didn't last. We replaced it this year, and are enjoying the multiple colors of flowers.

Carrot tails (20-Aug 233/366)

The produce available at the farmers market has transitioned away from greens and into things like carrots. The farmer from whom we subscribe to as CSA has carrots with always have interesting ends.

The Boardwalk (21-Aug, 234/366)

We were in Bellingham for my cousin's afternoon wedding, but we went earlier to have brunch with friends. Between the two events we went walking along Bellingham Bay, and part of the walk included The Boardwalk, part of which goes way out over the water.

Lights (22-Aug, 235/366)

I took my parents to Stanford's in Northgate to meet a friend of theirs for lunch. While walking in, I noticed the lights had very interesting texture.

Italian prunes (23-Aug, 236/366)

We used to have a pear tree which stopped bearing fruit, as well as a weeping flowering cherry tree which wasn't doing very well. We had both of them removed, and decided to plant an Italian prune tree where the flowering cherry was (which was a better location than where the pear tree was). It's been a few years with no fruit, and suddenly we will get well over 50 pounds of fruit this year.

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Leaning store (24-Aug, 237/366)

Every now and then I look for a building which is on an inclined street so I could do a leaning-building photo. This one worked out well, especially since the tree was not vertical, so it reinforces the illusion. In addition, I've always liked walking by the Open Books store when it was closed.

ABAB (25-Aug, 238/366)

There are several places around the city where older houses are being replaced by very dense townhouses. I liked the house number sign on this set.

Pier 54 (26-Aug, 239/366)

Pier 54 was hidden behind seawall construction the last time I was here around Christmas. That section is done, so there's more activity around the area, and it's much easier to get into Ivar's Acres of Clams (we had a hard time finding the way in). I also thought it would be appropriate to get a photo with “54” for my birthday.

Sunflower (27-Aug, 240/366)

We grow sunflowers in our front yard every year, and we never plan on harvesting the seeds. We did try one year, but it didn't work out. We just leave them for the birds (or squirrels, which also like to climb and harvest).

Rice paddle (28-Aug, 241/366)

I used to use a bamboo shamoji (rice paddle), but our latest rice cooker came with this plastic one, which actually works quite well. Rice just doesn't stick to it.

New office (29-Aug, 242/366)

After over 20 years in the same building, my office is now in the C building in the UW Tower complex.

Crossroads (30-Aug, 243/366)

Saw this stop sign /street sign post at the corner of 19th and 47th today, so it was carried quite a ways. The intersection of 20th/50th has had a lot of construction this summer with new curb cuts being put in.

Motor parts cyclist (31-Aug, 244/366)

A new townhouse/condo complex near work includes this sculpture of a bike rider which is made from motor parts. Out of frame is a companion dog.