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Flowing water (1-Sep, 245/366)

This is not the first George Tsutakawa fountain I've posted this year. This one is in the plaza at the UW Tower.

Drum Talk (2-Sep, 246/366)

This is part of a piece in the UW Tower by John Buck named Drum Talk. This part is carved wood, and there's also another part that's a painting.

Twin-spined cactus (4-Sep, 248/366)

The conservatory at Volunteer Park is hosting the UW's corpse flower while it's due to blossom, but even though they had expected it to open by this weekend, but it was still closed. We wandered around the rest of the greenhouses, including the cactus room which had some flowering cacti.

Plums, pre-processing (5-Sep, 249/366)

We've harvested all the Italian prunes from the tree and have been busy doing things with them. This particular set is for our fourth set of plum preserves.

Ave sculpture (6-Sep, 250/366)

There are several lamppost sculptures up and down The Ave, including this one of a shopping basket with Seattle buildings.

Exposed rebar (7-Sep, 251/366)

The viaduct going down NE 45th Street to University Village has a pedestrian walkway which has a wall with sections that look like hexagonal columns. It rained a bit today, which is why the water is only partway down the wall.

Grieg Garden (8-Sep, 252/366)

The Grieg Garden is tucked away on the UW campus, so much so that several people don't realize it's there.

Amazon spheres (9-Sep, 253/366)

Easily the most curious construction project in the city, these spheres will be part of the Amazon campus.

Hand in ice (10-Sep, 254/366)

The Seattle Design Festival 2016 Block Party was in Occidental Square this weekend, and the most-talked-about piece was a large cube of ice made of several blocks which were stacked together. They've been there for a few days now, and you can see it will still be a while before it's melted, since we've been having pretty mild weather. There are several handprints on the different sides, and some of the older ones have grown larger as the ice melts around them.

Through the glass (11-Sep, 255/366)

We have a window which is highly textured, which gives interesting distortions. On the other side are hazelnut shrubs, the house next door, and the sky.

University Manor garage (12-Sep, 256/366)

The garage of University Manor has several former windows which have been replaced with murals which make it look like the garage may have been almost a century ago. Other murals have old cars.

Woodland Park water tank (13-Sep, 257/366)

This water tank is in surprisingly good condition, and you're able to walk right up to it.

Pronto (14-Sep, 258/366)

Pronto is the name of the bike sharing in Seattle, and I walk by a rental kiosk on my way to work. The bikes do get use, but not as much as the city expected.

Lone flower (15-Sep, 259/366)

We were walking around Capitol Hill and saw this one empty storefront which had a single flower in a vase. Almost as if it were a gallery, but the whole space were one work of art.

Scaffolding walkway (16-Sep, 260/366)

Even though construction isn't directly over the sidewalk, there's scaffolding by the Burke Museum construction area, presumably to protect from the crane.

Bars for sale (17-Sep, 261/366)

Theo Chocolate is a Seattle favorite, and we were there today because they are participating in Sweet Week, where places are offering $5 desserts.

Rose hips (18-Sep, 262/366)

Our rosa rugosa produces hips, although we've yet to harvest them.

Egg array (19-Sep, 263/366)

There are several madrona trees around Seattle. This one is pretty small, and has insect eggs in its peeling bark.

Color cube (20-Sep, 264/366)

This color cube has been in my office for a long time, so the colors are pretty faded, which is why the front cube is nowhere near pure magenta.

Tsimshian pole (21-Sep, 265/366)

There are several totem poles around campus, including this one in the UW Tower. It's tall enough to easily view from the mezzanine.

Equinox moon (22-Sep, 266/366)

I thought it was appropriate that the moon looked half lit, half dark on the autumnal equinox. The leaves are just starting to turn on some trees, too.

Science World (23-Sep, 267/366)

We took a quick weekend trip to Vancouver and were walking around the old Expo '86 grounds. This globe was the most recognizable structure, and is now part of Science World.

Olympic Cauldron (24-Sep, 268/366)

This cauldron was the Olympic flame for the 2010 winter olympics in Vancouver. They light it every now and then for special occasions, but you can pay to have it lit for your own occasion.

Lone boater (25-Sep, 269/366)

We often get great views of the water from the train, and today was no exception. This is in Bellingham.

Railing shadow (26-Sep, 270/366)

We were leaving the UW light rail station and I noticed the shadow of the pedestrian overpass falling on this ribbed tower. Thought it made an interesting pattern.

Denny turret (27-Sep, 271/366)

Denny hall looks kind of like a castle, complete with these turrets.

Sunlit tree (28-Sep, 272/366)

The AVA University District apartment complex has interesting balconies, each of the buildings being different. On this one set, I noticed there was a tree which was still lit in the late afternoon sun.

Volleyball in the crowd (29-Sep, 273/366)

Today was start of classes at UW, and there was a large gathering of students in Red Square to participate in Dawg Daze. There were lots of kiosks, several giving things away. These women were hitting a ball towards each other near the middle of the square.

Decorated glass (30-Sep, 274/366)

The Northgate branch of the Seattle Public Library has decorative panes of glass which I found really interesting, with a combination of decorated frosting and colored pieces.