Project 366, August 2016

August is complete, and with Labor Day coming up, we're quickly approaching autumn. This month's photos covered a lot of travel (a trip to Los Angeles and another one to Bellingham).

My favorite photo of the month is Double Mountain.

The Blue Angels perform annually at SeaFair, but I knew the only chance I would get to catch pictures of them was during their Thursday practice, since I would be in Los Angeles (or en route) for the weekend. I went to the top of the UW Tower and got really lucky that the planes did this particular maneuver, which was perfectly positioned from my vantage point. I did have problems processing the photo, since the windows had very strong tinting to block the sun.

Another photo I liked from the month was The Boardwalk.

We were in Bellingham for my cousin's wedding and went walking before we got there. This particular section was quite windy, being out on the water.

I also liked Skywalk.

I like the colors and the lines made by the buildings. The cloud positioning is also very nice, both the one in reflected in the window and the one between the skywalk and the tower.

The rest of the photos are on the August page.