Project 366, September 2016

The end of September is the three-quarters mark of the year. This month's photos included more photos which I would consider abstract, especially concentrating on small parts of a larger thing. All of the month's shots are on the September page.

My favorite photo of the past month was Amazon spheres.

This part of the Amazon campus has been under construction for quite a while, but this was the first time I walked by. Lots of interesting angles, and I'm happy I caught construction at the point where you could see what they will eventually look like, as well as how they look as a work-in-progress. I'll definitely return at some point to see what the reflections look like when they're done.

Another photo I liked was Through the glass:

This window is in our living room, and when the sun is bright, we see interesting color patterns coming through. At the top is the sky, then our neighbor's house is the dark (roof) and light (siding) bands, then the green comes from our hazelnut shrubs.

Lastly, I liked Twin-spined cactus:

We hadn't been to the Volunteer Park Conservatory since they re-opened, so took the opportunity to wander through since they had the UW's corpse flower, which was supposed to be blooming (it wasn't, and may not have this time). Just beyond that was the cactus room, and I liked how the flowers punctuated the patterns made by this cactus.

You can see all of the month's photos on the September page.