Crazy weather

Heavy snow

Heavy snow

Seems we normally get one pretty good snowstorm every winter, with perhaps a second one. Some years we've gotten no snow. This year, however, has been truly different, with at least a couple times when we've had several inches on the ground, a couple other times when we've had an inch or so, and a couple others where the ground was at least white. The weather is warm enough now that even if it does snow, it doesn't hang around very long.

We saw quite the range of weather this past week, however. Thursday there was a rain/snow mixture, Friday was absolutely clear skies, Saturday we had some snow, and today we went from sun to large, soft hail (which is when I took the picture), back to patchy skies. I don't recall ever seeing precipitation like today's, with pellets up to about 1cm which I could pick one up and squeeze flat between my fingers.

Spoke with my dad tonight, and he was pretty amused with the weather swings. He likes to follow what we're getting up here, and usually isn't too surprised when I tell him what kind of weather we're having.

Sometimes I think my dad wonders about my sanity, living in a place that gets snow. The first time my parents visited up here was for Thanksgiving in 1992, and as you can guess, it snowed. The rest of us went off somewhere for some reason, but before that, our neighbor wondered if we wanted to split some firewood which was being delivered in his driveway. We said sure, and the rest got dumped onto our driveway. After we all got back, the firewood was gone; my dad had moved and stacked it for us, all in the snow!