Short plat land sale complete

A few months ago I wrote about how we were working on a short plat land sale with our neighbor, and how we hadn't heard anything for quite a while. Days after that post we heard that things were proceeding and had to sign and have notarized the final set of plans to be submitted to the city. Things went back and forth a few times, and we wanted to make sure all the documents were in order. We signed the papers earlier this week and the sale closed the next day.

Here's a rough sketch of the two properties, with the land we sold being the rectangle around most of our driveway:

Land plats

Land plats

It may seem like a small part of the land, but it's around 12%. More importantly, it's enough to make the neighbor's property large enough to be able to split into two properties, which it has been; the new lot line is horizontal, so one piece of property will be behind the other, and will need to share a driveway with the front property for access.

We have an easement on the property we sold, so we'll still have not only full access to our garage, but full use of the portion of land.

We thought that once the deal closed, everything would be set for the neighbor to tear down existing structures and start building, but ends up that's not the case. On the way home yesterday I saw that the (formerly one, now two) parcels are now for sale. They're being sold as one double lot, rather than two individual lots.

So we now go to another phase of waiting to see what happens...